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Chip Tuning and Engine Remapping

PSL Tuning specialise in chip tuning, engine remapping, DPF, EGR delete and vehicle diagnostic. PSL is a renowned world leader in making finely tuned remapping files using cutting edge software development which makes them pioneers in the industry. PSL  are successful in the UK and worldwide, having good infrastructure and a dedicated workforce to turn the car around with engine tuning and the other services, which makes the overall performance of the car, much better than before. We do engine remapping, DPF & EGR delete and Vehicle Diagnostics. We can even increase your vehicle performance by 30-40%*. (*Depending on model/make). Our branch are based in London.

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IMI Certified

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Remapping or chip tuning a car in the best possible manner is certainly not the job for the newbies and should only be carried out by those who are having professional knowledge and expertise. Having a valid certification can give you peace of mind. We are having complete confidence in our abilities, so that’s the reason we provide 30 days warranty on remapping issues and a lifetime warranty on software. We have had extensive training around the world and are able to create custom remap files for you.

PSL Tuning technicians are certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry). This is the only such independently recognised remapping qualification hence we give 30 days peace of mind guarantee on all of our remaps and lifetime software warranty.

Why Choose Us for Tuning?

We have some of the most skilled staff at work, making us a renowned name in the vehicle tuning and remapping industry. If you want to increase the efficiency, performance and style statement of the car, you can always choose PSL Tuning for best quality chip tuning and affordable pricing. We are so sure of the quality of our custom maps produced by our very own technicians to be fine tuned that we provide a lifetime warranty of the software we use!



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