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DPF Removal and Remap

DSG Tuning

DSG tuning software or DSG gearbox is an amazing set of technologies incorporated with approx. 50 patent protections. These two different gearboxes are of distinct specifications, and their separate clutches help in enabling faster gear selection in the vehicles. These are operated electrically and controlled by Temic Controllers. Our latest available generations of gearboxes are,

It has been developed with a series of calibrations to develop the operation of the car systems more abruptly.

    • Employing this tuning software, we provide a differentiated remapping service to all our clients come to our vicinity.

To all the car owners, whether having petrol or diesel operated cars, this system will allow the options exactly matched with their expectations.

Different DSG remapping option:-

RPM Limit increasing

DPF Removal and Remap

With DSG, an RPM limit set on both the inside of the engines and the DSG controller. It will not take any effect on the vehicle at all. We ensure a more comprehensive reverse range within the same limit of the controller.

Shift speed increasing

DPF Removal and Remap

With our perfect software upgrade on your car through tuning, you will get increased shift speed by up to 20% that will directly translate your gear selection into faster sprint times.

Increased Maximum Torque

DPF Removal and Remap

The maximum torque allowance, as conferred by the DSG controller, is set internally only. That is why when you tune up the ECU engine and exceed the gearbox allowance; the DSG controller automatically restricts the limit as per its pre-set functions. With the help of our car tuning, the maximum torque allowance is raised and thereby the potential power gains of the ECU engine.

Launch Control

DPF Removal and Remap

No matter the DSG controller is inactive or active, the launch control will always there in the built-in software. With the help of our remapping process, we can deactivate or activate the launch control and set the RPM points as the requirements of the customers.

Kick Down

DPF Removal and Remap

The DSG controller is also responsible for controlling the kick-down function of the car. It is, although done automatically by default, with the help of our perfect car tuning, we can enable the driving of the vehicle at lower RPM without auto change by stopping the auto kick-down function.