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What is EGR?

EGR or Exhaust Gas Reduction (EGR) is one of the widely adopted routes that are applied to reduce NOx emissions. It re-circles the engine’s exhaust back to intake a controllable proportion of the air and thereby maintains the permissible pollution level. Generally, a valve is also being used to control the gas flow.

The oxygen-rich air is substituted by burnt gas for reducing the contents available in the cylinder for combustion. In this way, lower heat is released by the cylinder, and the NOx formation is effectively reduced. With the help of inert gas present in the cylinder, the peak temperature of the ignition engine can be controlled.

The recirculated gas passes through the EGR cooler, usually consists of air/water. With the help of this gas, the temperature of the cylinder can be reduced, that results in the lower peak of the temperature of the EGR. The two essential benefits of this are,

  • Reduction in the charge temperature results with the employment of lower peak.
  • A higher proportion of EGR is allowed by the cooled EGR gas with greater density of cooling.


By having EGR solution by PSL tuning, you can get the assurance of highly advanced solutions of EGR. Through clogging with carbon deposits, we support the EGR valves from causing any fail or stick, turning into error codes or running poorer than usual. With sophisticated solutions of disables EGR, we develop simple yet effective methods for an overall improvisation of the car engines.

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