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DPF Removal and Remap

PSL Tuning is one of the leading car remapping companies in East London. With all the updated equipment, modern ideas, and expert professionals, we have gained the recognition of the best remap company. For providing the services in a better way to all the people here in the region. We always focus to develop and improve our infrastructure and products to meet the needs of the people perfectly.

We and our entire team dedicatedly work to built strong relationships with all our clients around through our quality of work and on-time completion. All our professionals are skilled, expert, and having years of experience in the field and, thus, are the pillar of our success in the business.

Our infrastructure is set to support our dealers’ group in all manner. If you consider the price of your car tuning, then also we have the best for you. Our car remapping price is very reasonable and affordable for anyone around us. You can avail it without losing your pocket much at all.

Quality Dyno Tested Remap

All the vehicles that we transform into a new version are Dyno-tested completely. That is why we give a lifetime warranty on the software we install for remapping.

Money-Back Guarantee

We always focus on our quality of work to satisfy the desires and expectations of all our clients. In case we fail in our goal, we also give a 30-day money-back guarantee on our services.

Great Technical Support

We offer great technical support in cooperation with our expert team of professionals and quality remap processes. our availability is from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. We also give email, chat, and phone support, which is available 24×7.


Our entire network of dealers is very dedicated to their work and consciously serves the best to resolve the needs and desires of the people. With the cumulative effort of our entire team, we always remain confident in our ability and quality of work. And thereby maintain the reputation that we have gained so far in the region.

We also provide technical advice, assistance, and support in the opening hours of our service without any charge. In case we make any mistake, we never hide it from our customers and absolutely make it clear to them. We always intend to rectify them as soon as possible. This honesty helps us in maintaining the image for a trustworthy and reliable service company in the region.


There are several tuning service providers who claim to provide higher power gains than the actual one. These exaggerated quotations make people expect more, and thus, if, after completion of the tuning work, the claims aren’t fulfilled well, it creates a sense of disappointment among them. But our job is different. We promise the results that we can fulfill through our work and make it reliable, long-lasting, and durable.

PSL tuning aspires to improve the quality of driving along with ensuring safety by proper providing bigger gains in the performance of the vehicles. We thus, ensure complete customer satisfaction on any conversion work we offer.

The biggest strength with us is not only our staff, people but also our entire team who work dedicatedly for all their respective. We are approved dealers in more than 70 countries and thus always give priority to our top-quality service. Along with the supply of our dealer network, we also serve our tuning files to other renowned tuning companies in the USA, UK, etc.

We, at PSL tuning, believe in open, fair, and honest transparency and ethics policy with all the customers we get. We thus, give everyone fair treatment just like we treat with our family or friends.