Best Dyno Rolling Road Services in London (UK)

Dyno Rolling road is a fantastic way to measure the performance of a vehicle. However, only a few companies tune your vehicle and road test it to prove the results. At PSL Tuning, we take engine tuning and ECU remapping a little more seriously than that, and that is the reason our ECU engine remapping can be tested via rolling road dyno.

Know what your vehicle is doing, and get your car’s torque and BHP tested on our dyno rolling road. We have been using our rolling road dyno for tuning classic cars for over ten years. Dyno Tuning is for checking the power output of your vehicle at different power runs and various load and speed points to check the BHP and Torque of a vehicle.

Apart from the power results, our dyno dynamics rolling road serves as an excellent data logging and diagnostics tool. We can tell you the health of your vehicle with our rolling road tests. PSL Tuning rolling road dyno UK provides services that help reduce emissions, regain performance, and restore MPG in many vehicles.

In this article, we will discuss more about the best dyno rolling road services in London, but let’s first know more about the service and what we offer.

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Rolling Road Dyno

It’s a great way to measure the power and performance of your vehicle and serves as an excellent data logging and diagnostic tool for your car. You can test how well your vehicle runs under road conditions made artificially with our rolling road. Moreover, if you want to check the fuel efficiency of your car, you can test it at different speeds on a dyno road.

Our dyno rolling road mechanical features, power supply, and performances are as follows.

Mechanical Features

  • Roller width: 700 mm
  • Roller diameter: 400 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 4360 x 3470 x 460 mm
  • Balance quality grade G 2.5
  • Max weight per axle: 2.500 kg

Power supply

  • Voltage 3/N/PE 400 VAC
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Compressed air 6 bar
  • Fuses 16 A


  • Maximum speed 360 km/h
  • Maximum measurable power 2000 HP (Sweep Power Tests)
  • Maximum absorbable power 1300 HP (Endurance Tests)
  • Maximum traction force 16000 N

What does a dyno rolling road do?

A dyno rolling road is a set of machinery and equipment in a specifically controlled environment that tests a vehicle’s power output and performance under load. A vehicle is fitted to the measuring equipment onto the rollers. Then with the temperature, airflow, and exhaust extraction being controlled, the vehicle on the rolling road is set up to create a simulation of a real driving experience.

The vehicle’s power and performance can be analysed, adjusted, and again tested to assess or diagnose problems accurately that your vehicle may have before resolving. It can be used to measure a vehicle power output, or it may be used to diagnose problems with a vehicle. A favoured use of the rolling road is to test a vehicle performance with the dyno equipment, make some changes in the car, and then retest to assess how much power the vehicle has gained. These adjustments can be made and tested over and over until the desired car performance is achieved.

An efficient dyno rolling road can examine the entire power band of a vehicle’s engine and take various power measurements through the entire power band of the engine being tested. Moreover, it provides many resolutions to inspect different performance parameters, such as knock retard, spark advance, and power drops as a result of fuel pressure. At PSL Tuning, we have professional engineers who have tested several automobiles and concluded that the dyno road really works.

What is a dyno rolling power run?

It involves measuring engine torque and power. The vehicle is fitted onto the rolling road, and it is measured under load in an environment closely imitating real driving conditions. It may be used before or after changing a vehicle’s components or may be done on its own. It gives a data reading of the power output of a vehicle in a controlled and real driving environment.

We record the following factors while performing a power run on a vehicle.

  • Air/Fuel mix
  • Torque and BHP at the wheels
  • Intake charge pressure

All these factors are compared, measured, and plotted against each other, offering a clear picture of the vehicle’s performance. This data can be stored and compared. A power run is generally used as a type of health check on your vehicle before it is modified.

Rolling Road Dyno Near me

If you want to test the performance and power of your vehicle and are worried about “how to find the best dyno rolling road near me or dyno tuning near me?” then you are at the right place. Whether you need a complete rolling road/dyno tune or ECU remapping, PSL Tuning provides a wide range of performance tuning across London. We provide flexible and speedy services to our clients based on their budgets and preferences.

Here at PSL Tuning, we provide customised services to suit your requirements. Our dyno tuning services will help you determine the performance output of your car and enhance it with our professional services. If you want more torque and power out of your vehicle, give us a call. We will perform power runs on our Dyno to determine the BHP and torque and provide services based on your requirements or help you achieve what you want from your vehicle within your budget.

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Final Words

Are you concerned about your vehicle’s performance, power output, or any other issue? We provide testing services where we run a series of tests and diagnostics checks with your vehicle on our rolling road coupled with our advanced diagnostic equipment. Whether you want an engine to remap or like to do some diagnostics, our experts using industry-leading equipment help resolve your car’s issues. We at PSL Tuning help you get the best performance out of your vehicle.

Moreover, we have an Onsite Rolling Road Dyno Facility. All of our remaps are custom tuned and dyno run tested. We provide services and tune vehicles according to customer requirements, and all of our remaps come with a lifetime software warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. You can contact us for more details.