Ford Remapping Specialists | Improve Your Car’s Performance With The Right Tools

Are you looking for optimized performance for your Ford? Nowadays, modern cars are controlled by digital systems, called ECU, responsible for processing information received from a host of sensors around the car. The engine’s fuelling, turbo boost, ignition timing, and several other systems are controlled by the map on your vehicle.

At PSL Tuning, we have experts in Ford remapping and tuning. We specialize in working with all Ford’s models, including Ford Ranger tuning and Ford Focus ST tuning, to ensure optimized performance.

We provide custom tuning and Ford engine remapping to meet your needs. Moreover, we can optimize the torque through the ECU remapping and Ford tuning if your Ford might lack a bit of power.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Ford engine remapping and tuning and ways to improve your car’s performance with the right tools.

ECU Remapping

ECU remapping refers to the changes in default settings and software made by the vehicle’s manufacturer. The old ECU software is overwritten with the customized software during remapping and put into the vehicle’s serial port.

ECU remapping operates by taking data from the ECU’s processing chips of the car and adjusting several parameters inside the stock map, such as boost pressure ignition advance, fuel pressure, and throttle pedal control, among others to release the engine’s actual performance. Car remapping has now become a trend among car lovers as it enhances the performance of your vehicle.

Ford Remapping or Ford ECU Remapping

If you want to gain better MPG, more power, and torque for your Ford, our Ford remapping using the OBD port will significantly improve your vehicle’s performance and improve MPG.

OnBoard Diagnostics or OBD is a type of ECU remapping which is by far the most common and easiest method to change the ECU of your vehicle. ATM dealers read out the ECU and install the modified software using the onboard diagnostics port for improved performance.

The benefits of OBD includes:

  • There is no need for a soldering tool on the board during this process.
  • It does not include ECU removal from the car.
  • It provides easy and quick restoring to the factory settings.

Ford remapping is done through the OBD port to create a perfect balance between increased power and torque without compromising the fuel economy. Retaining the safety parameters originally built into the ECU by Ford Remap engineers is necessary to protect your engine from potential damage during modification. Make sure that your Ford’s engine retains its factory built-in protection without exceeding the manufacturer’s maximum tolerance.

Ford remapping services give you the power gains as well as the guaranteed improvements in the fuel economy. This can be achieved by tuning the engine parameters carefully, such as fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, and electronic torque limiters. Apart from it, Ford remapping provides

  • Faster Throttle/Engine response
  • Better driveability
  • More BHP
  • Increased torque
  • Smoother power delivery
Ford Remapping Specialists | Improve Your Car’s Performance With The Right Tools
PSL Tuning

Improved MPG- Fuel Savings

Another benefit you can get from remapping your Ford is an improvement in fuel consumption. You will also see an improvement in MPG and fuel-saving with an extra torque provided at the bottom of the rev range. By providing extra power to your Ford engine, you will require less throttle to maintain the speed.

Ford Focus ST Tuning

PSL Tuning is a specialist in ECU tuning and remapping Ford engines for better performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. Our Ford Focus ST engine remapping file gives the best possible results and performance within the original safety margins. In the case of the Ford Focus ST engine, our ECU tuning is customized for more torque and power, smoother acceleration, reduced fuel consumption, and improved throttle response.

Ford Ranger Remapping and ECU tuning

How do you use your Ford Ranger? Go off-roading much or Tow a lot? Whether you use it as your daily vehicle or it’s your weekend car? However, this car is a bee’s knees for all the activities, and PSL Tuning has taken it one step ahead, with our Ford Ranger tuning for increased torque and greater horsepower for improved towing capacity and pulling power. We offer different engine remaps, and you can choose one based on your needs, driving style, and your Ford Ranger. This custom remaps can be installed on your vehicle for improved performance.

PSL Tuning | Ford Remapping Specialists

Whether it’s increased acceleration, better fuel efficiency, or more power you want for your Ford, PSL Tuning can help you achieve it with our Ford remapping specialists. Our customers always come back to us with their new cars or recommend our services to family and friends. The reason is we provide an extremely customized ECU remapping service.

We don’t have a single map for all Ford models or one simple program to remap all Fords. Our ECU remapping service is designed to provide individual, custom tuning to your Ford. That’s because everyone drives differently, so whether you need Ford Focus ST tuning or Ford Ranger tuning, PSL tuning can help you efficiently.

Our customized Ford remapping services are developed in-house at PSL Tuning. We are in a unique position to deliver the best results for your car, as well as significant power increases. We put a lot of emphasis on drivability, such as improving the initial throttle response can make the car pleasurable to drive even when you do not access the additional power.

The fuel economy is also improved significantly on most diesel cars after completing our Ford ECU remap upgrade. We ensure that the reliability and longevity of the vehicle are not affected.

Final Words

PSL Tuning offers a complete diagnostic for your vehicle. We provide one of the leading car remapping services in East London. With modern ideas, updated equipment, and expert professionals, we have gained recognition for the best ECU tuning and remapping company.

If you want to tune your Ford, come here at PSL Tuning. We will provide you with the best remapping services in London, UK. We have developed a full range of ECU remapping and tuning services for your old and new Ford models alike. You will get custom tuning based on your vehicle’s requirements.