Pops & Bangs Remap

Pop and Bangs remap or tune is a way to get a cracking sound every time a car undergoes deceleration. It’s a kind of additional feature one can add in his or her car. This feature has got different names from different places like deceleration map, crackle map, anti-lag system, exhaust crackle, popcorn, pop on overrun, exhaust overrun, burbles etc. We all know how much we like accelerating our cars. We get an adrenaline rush from the roaring sound that comes from the exhaust. But we don’t get the same vroom while decelerating. Therefore to make the car’s deceleration sound a bit interesting or even better than that of acceleration we use the Pop and Bang remap feature.

What happens backstage?

We all know that the ECU(Electronic Control Unit) is the heart of any vehicle. It is responsible for all the smart decisions made by our vehicle at run time. To embed the Pop and Bang tune feature in cars, first of all, it’s ECU firmware is changed.

Basically it’s a way to alter the timing of a car’s ignition map. Usually, we have a 4 stroke engine inside our cars. Every engine goes through 4 cycles of intake, compression, combustion, and exhaustion. The ECU is programmed to:

  1. Delay the cutoff time of fuel injection after you move your foot off the
  2. Delay the engine ignition time during

This tuning has to be perfect otherwise it can degrade your vehicle’s performance. You should not try it at home. It should be done by trained professionals only.

Levels of customization

There are 2 stages of pop and bangs tune customization. Stage 1 is basic customization. It’s not that extreme. Things are very controlled at this level hence ensures greater safety. If someone wants to take it to the extreme, there is stage 2 customization. At this stage, one has to remove the catalytic converter from the car for safety purposes. A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants coming from the engine. However this is not a generalized process, everything depends upon the intensity and tuning of the sound.