AdBlue (SCR) Removal/Solutions

AdBlue is a chemical liquid used in diesel vehicles’ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce NOx emissions. Just before the SCR catalyst, the AdBlue fluid (urea and demineralized water) is fed into the exhaust system. When AdBlue is introduced into the exhaust fumes, it causes a chemical reaction inside the SCR Cat, converting NOx to Nitrogen and Water Vapor. AdBlue was developed by automobile manufacturers in order to meet the government’s rigorous pollution requirements. DEF is a term used to refer to AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).

The AdBlue and SCR systems are relatively sophisticated systems with a plethora of electrical sensors, modules, and pumps. These systems can fail and are costly to repair. A car that is used frequently will consume a significant amount of AdBlue, and the tank will need to be replaced frequently.

AdBlue (SCR) Removal/Solutions

The AdBlue system will be electrically disabled, as well as the associated dashboard lights and warning messages, when you use our AdBlue erase service. Reprogramming the engine management system is usually enough to disable the AdBlue system, however other vehicles will require a small electrical equipment to be linked into the vehicle.

Our AdBlue delete service is strictly sold as an off-road use only product, driving your vehicle on the road with an AdBlue delete could result in prosecution.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Solutions

If your DPF warning light or Anti-Pollution warning is on Dash, do not ignore it. Ignoring it will cost you much more in additional repair bills and it can be dangerous. Forced regeneration by a garage or a “blast down the motorway” is not likely to cure the problem, these only work as preventative maintenance. So at this stage realistically you have the following options:-

DPF Regeneration – PSL Tuning can offer a regeneration service.
Replacement – PSL Tuning can replace the DPF, normally at a fraction of the main dealer cost.
Cleaning – PSL Tuning offer a DPF cleaning service.
Delete Recalibration – If you have had your DPF removed , We may be able to recalibrate your vehicles ECU to stop your engine going into limp-safe mode and clear the DPF warning light. 

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Solutions


Most customers also benefit by having a performance remap alongside the DPF remap which provides even better gains than just the DPF Removal itself. The benefits of DPF removal are as follows:-

  • No expensive DPF replacement costs.
  • No more limp modes when the vehicle decides to do a forced regeneration.
  • Improved MPG due to the removal of an air restriction allowing the engine to breather better.
  • You must be aware of the legal implications of this.

/What is DPF Particulate Filters (DPF)

It is by- far the easiest and most common method to alter the ECU of a car. Through the on-board diagnostics port (OBD), ATM dealers read out the ECU and install the altered software with improved performances.
The benefits of OBD reading and writing are:

  • It does not include removing the ECU from the car.
  • No requirement for soldering on the board in this process.
  • There is a quick and easy restoring to factory settings

/What is DPF Regeneration

It is a common type of engine remapping process. People use it for reading and writing the existing software of the ECU in contemporary times and the new-generation vehicles. This process consists of the BDM port, which connects the printed circuit board with the help of special adapters for the devices.

It is an “on-site” and “on-bench” process where some models of cars require the soldering of the ECU board.

/What is DPF forced regeneration

Nowadays, there are many ECUs, that carry additional protections and these protections do not allow the performance of the OBD reading or writing process on certain control units.

  • It is necessary to remove the ECU from the car, to carry out the BOOT process.
  • After the removal of the Electronic Control Unit, the BOOT mode has to be unlocked.
  • Opening and soldering on the board are essential for the effective implication of this process.

/What is DPF Additive

This method of reading and writing the ECU software on older vehicles. EPROM is a memory circuit that needs removal from the computer board to do a convenient reading.

  • Removal of the ECU from the vehicle is mandatory in this kind of process.
  • It is a bit time-consuming, as replacement occurs for some EPROMs by the new ones.

/DPF removal vs DPF

This type of reading and writing ECU is very common for vehicles of the new generation; in this method requires the removal of ECU from the vehicle. We use the BDM port, which locates on the circuit board, and we connect to it using special adapters.

What is EGR?

EGR or Exhaust Gas Reduction (EGR) is one of the widely adopted routes that are applied to reduce NOx emissions. It re-circles the engine’s exhaust back to intake a controllable proportion of the air and thereby maintains the permissible pollution level. Generally, a valve is also being used to control the gas flow.

The oxygen-rich air is substituted by burnt gas for reducing the contents available in the cylinder for combustion. In this way, lower heat is released by the cylinder, and the NOx formation is effectively reduced. With the help of inert gas present in the cylinder, the peak temperature of the ignition engine can be controlled.

EGR service
EGR cooler

The recirculated gas passes through the EGR cooler, usually consists of air/water. With the help of this gas, the temperature of the cylinder can be reduced, that results in the lower peak of the temperature of the EGR. The two essential benefits of this are,

  • Reduction in the charge temperature results with the employment of lower peak.
  • A higher proportion of EGR is allowed by the cooled EGR gas with greater density of cooling.

EGR Solution That We Offer

By having EGR solution by PSL tuning, you can get the assurance of highly advanced solutions of EGR. Through clogging with carbon deposits, we support the EGR valves from causing any fail or stick, turning into error codes or running poorer than usual. With sophisticated solutions of disables EGR, we develop simple yet effective methods for an overall improvisation of the car engines.

Call us now to get a perfect EGR solution for your car!