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ECU Remap & Tuning - PSL Tuning
ECU Remap & Tuning - PSL Tuning

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What is ECU Remapping

ECU remapping changes the default settings and software made by the manufacturer of a vehicle. While remapping a vehicle, the old ECU software is overwritten with the customized software and is put into the car’s serial port. This simple functionality has made the process of tuning a car easier. 

What ECU remapping does is that it takes data from the ECU’s processing chips of the vehicles and adjusting various parameters within the stock map like fuel pressure, boost pressure ignition advance, and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the actual performance from the engine. Today, no doubt, remapping the car has become a trend for every car lovers so, why don’t you try for yours.

Types of ECU Remapping

/OBD (OnBoard Diagnostics)

It is by- far the easiest and most common method to alter the ECU of a car. Through the on-board diagnostics port (OBD), ATM dealers read out the ECU and install the altered software with improved performances.
The benefits of OBD reading and writing are:

  • It does not include removing the ECU from the car.
  • No requirement for soldering on the board in this process.
  • There is a quick and easy restoring to factory settings

/The BDM Process

It is a common type of engine remapping process. People use it for reading and writing the existing software of the ECU in contemporary times and the new-generation vehicles. This process consists of the BDM port, which connects the printed circuit board with the help of special adapters for the devices.

It is an “on-site” and “on-bench” process where some models of cars require the soldering of the ECU board.

/The BOOT Process

Nowadays, there are many ECUs, that carry additional protections and these protections do not allow the performance of the OBD reading or writing process on certain control units.

  • It is necessary to remove the ECU from the car, to carry out the BOOT process.
  • After the removal of the Electronic Control Unit, the BOOT mode has to be unlocked.
  • Opening and soldering on the board are essential for the effective implication of this process.

/The EPROM Process

This method of reading and writing the ECU software on older vehicles. EPROM is a memory circuit that needs removal from the computer board to do a convenient reading.

  • Removal of the ECU from the vehicle is mandatory in this kind of process.
  • It is a bit time-consuming, as replacement occurs for some EPROMs by the new ones.

/Bench Job. (BDM or Boot)

This type of reading and writing ECU is very common for vehicles of the new generation; in this method requires the removal of ECU from the vehicle. We use the BDM port, which locates on the circuit board, and we connect to it using special adapters.
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