Exhaust System

The exhaust system, which is installed in a car collects the gases that are exhaled from the cylinders, removes harmful substances, nullifies the level of noise and discharges the purified gases at a suitable point of the vehicle away from its occupants. The exhaust system is made up of one or two channels depending on the capacity of the engine. To ensure the proper functioning of the exhaust system, it must be considered as a whole and developed accordingly. There should be proper coordination by the design engineers in line with the engine of a specific vehicle.

The exhaust system is itself subjected to vibration; it produces a whole lot of noise by itself through natural frequencies and vibration. Proper coordination of the entire system is pretty necessary. This includes the design and positioning of the individual elements of the exhaust system and their flexible mountings.

Exhaust Systems - PSL Tuning

Structuring the Exhaust System

Today, there is a complete reformation in the structuring of modern vehicle exhausts from the very simple exhausts. Modern cars consist of a front section with

  • The exhaust manifold
  • The purification system
  • The connecting pipes, together with a rear section with the silencer system and pipes.

Whole of the system is connected to the floor pan via flexible mounting elements. The number of catalytic converters in exhaust and silencers depends on the type of engine, performance and the emission values.

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Automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers have to keep pace with these technological changes, and in this aspect, a car’s exhaust system also has to evolve considerably. PSL Tuning is the car re-modeling experts, who can customize your cars according to our whims and fancies. Our experts will give you the correct guidance as what needs to be done and what impact it will have on the car.