Modifications & Stylings

We Modify Cars and Respray bodywork. We put custom body-kits, Respray, engine remapping and also do full modifications & stylings conversions according to customer requirements. Over a decade of experience in modifications and engine remapping has allowed us to build up a strong skill base working with many specialist materials like carbon and fibre glass. In recent past jobs, we have carried out wheel arch widening, body-kit installation, air-ride suspension installation and a carbon-fibre roof replacement. From genuine coachbuilding projects like stretching cars, wheel upgrades or even restoring your classic vehicle to modern day style. We custom build packages to our client’s unique specification to a small limited series of upgraded versions of current models.

Modification and engine remapping services

Our extensive knowledge allows us to blend and shape the body kit, spoilers and styling parts to your car. This service is the perfect way to transform your standard model to one of a kind. We source only the very best parts from the leading companies in the industry to make our conversions truly unique.

We will always work to the the strictest conditions making sure our conversions are perfect and suitable for daily driving giving us our hard earned reputation.
All conversions are taken very seriously and we will endeavor to make any dream come true for our customers.

Our state-of-the-art facilities enable our craftsmen to work to the highest of standards. This attention to detail and vast experience have enabled us to work on vehicles from bare chassis complete builds, all the way to the latest supercars fresh from the showroom floor.

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If you are looking for some bespoke modifications in your vehicle, we are here to help. Please contact us for more information on other.