Features of Rolling road Dyno

Rolling road runs at very low power that is up to 1200hp at the wheels.


Measures HP, torque time, tractive effort, rpm, etc.


It also measures AFR or Lambda.


Can correct the temperature of the automatic weather condition.

Rolling roads can measure RPMA directly from a car engine or roller speed.

Rolling Road Dyno

It is a great way to measure the power of a vehicle and also an excellent diagnostic and data logging tool for a vehicle. With your rolling road, you can check how well your car runs under road conditions that are made artificially. And, if you want to check the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, you can test it at different speeds on a rolling road.
PSL Tuning
PSL Tuning

What does a Dyno do?

A good rolling dyno can analyze the entire power band of any vehicle’s engine and takes hundreds of power measurements through the entire power band of the engine being tested. It also provides many resolutions to inspect the different performance parameters such as spark advance, knock retard, power drops as a result of fuel pressure, etc. At PSL Tuning, our professional engineers have tested various automobiles and have concluded that Road Dyno really works.

Book a Dyno Run Test

We have Onsite Rolling Road Dyno Facility. All of our maps are custom tuned and Dyno run tested. We tune the cars according to customer requirements and all of our maps comes with 30 days money back guarantee and lifetime software warranty. Please contact us for special offers on Remap and Dyno.