Understanding the Dynamics of Car Remapping

Have you heard of car remapping? It is a process that is done with a vision of improving the performance of the car. But this can only be done with a good remap. Have you read anything about how to remap a car? In this process the core of the car, ECU is modified to attain better performance and at the same time, one gets a hunky feel in driving a car, whose engine is performing better than others. If a good remapping can work wonders in a positive sense, a bad remap can get your car, completely off track. It is important to know the difference between a good and bad car remap.

A Good Remap

Just like with any other type of reprogramming, it is essential that the person who is doing the work of remapping is properly trained. A good remap technician understands well that every vehicle is different, and therefore every remap is different. The remap technician should always take the time to inspect the vehicle before work on it.

As a result of a good remap, you should be able to see an improvement in the overall performance of the car. Depending on your needs, the remap expert will be able to enhance certain aspects of the car over others. For example, it may be possible to remap the engine to give the vehicle, an improved towing performance. For most drivers, who rarely tow, this is not necessary, but if one tows frequently, improving the tow performance can make a difference. During a good remap, the technician will take the time to talk to you about the specific needs of an individual, so that the same can be rendered

A good remap is beneficial in various aspects, such as improving your MPG by up to 20%, removing flat spots, gaining smoother acceleration, benefitting from better torque, improving the towing capabilities and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the engine. Not only will these improvements help your vehicle to run better, but they can also save money in the long run.

The Opposite Face

If a car is taken to a rookie, for getting the tuning done, the probability of getting the desired result is minimal. At best, you will have a generic remap, which has not been carried out in accordance to the needs of an individual or the type of vehicle. The overall performance of the vehicle can become worse after a bad remap. The rookies or cheats often download cloned files off of the internet, and they have no idea how to use their remapping software properly. This can have an adverse impact on the ECU, to the extent that it can make the car unusable. One should not compromise with quality for saving some money as it may not be in consideration with the needs of the car. These companies will do “work” on a vehicle, even when nothing more can be done, and they can create serious issues for these vehicle users.

The Final Gear-Shift

At PSL Tuning, the team is well trained in how to use programming software, and they understand what will work for a vehicle, and what won’t work for a car. Taking the time to understand the needs of a car owner allows the team to create a professional, personalized service which improves the performance of the car. By discussing the needs of every owner, they can give the correct advice to an individual regarding, when remap work can be done to improve the performance and when it is not possible to enhance it any further.